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Mariculture Map Overview

The Mariculture Map is a web-based tool offering investors, regulators, and operators the ability to discover and access environmental, oceanographic and social data to inform site selection and aquatic farm permit applications.

The Mariculture Map integrates datasets from many different sources that are relevant to aquaculture farming in Alaska. Using this tool, customized maps can be created and printed for aquaculture permit applications, including:

  • General Location Map

  • Detailed Location Map

  • Site Plan Map

Within each of these map types, data layers that meet the permit requirements have been added by default. You can add or remove data layers. Customize your map by drawing and adding annotations of your proposed farm site. Print the final version for submission with your permit application. Or, save the map to be later edited. For more information, refer to the below section.


See the tutorials page for step-by-step instructions on creating maps.

How-To Basics

Follow these links to get started:

The Mariculture Map is being actively developed by Axiom Data Science. For the notes about the latest portal version please visit: https://axiomdatascience.com/portal-updates/

Documentation Overview

You can navigate this documentation using the links in the black sidebar on your left. The pages are organized into 2 main categories:

  • Overview

  • How-to

The Overview pages offer in-depth background information and narrative descriptions of the main features of the Mariculture Map.

The How-to pages offer short, concrete descriptions of how to use the features of the Mariculture Map.


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These pages were last updated on May 24, 2023.